September 1

Halbrook Philippine Trip July 29-Aug. 28, 2014 Completed

August 30, 2014th Year of Our Lord


July 29-August 28, 2014 


Dear brethren,


A merciful God permitted me to join Jim McDonald in the Philippines in 1995 and has guided me safely through my 55th trip July 29-August 28, 2014.  Christ told Peter after guiding him to a great catch of fish, “From henceforth thou shalt catch men” (Lk. 5:10).  “Disciples are fishers, human souls are fish, the world is the sea, the gospel is the net, and eternal life is the shore whither the catch is drawn” (McGarvey, Fourfold Gospel, p. 162).  With 74 lessonspresented, 67 answered the gospel call.

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August 29

Ron home from Philippines Aug. 28

August 28, 2014th Year of Our Lord 

Dear family, brethren, and friends, 

Greetings from my home in Shepherdsville, KY.  It is 10:00 P.M. here and I am thankful to report my return trip from Manila was safe by God’s grace and the prayers of His saints.  It was a privilege and a joy to work with our Filipino brethren for the past month.  I thank God for the love, encouragement, and assistance of many Filipinos when I am in their land.  My faith, hope, and love always grows when I observe their efforts to serve the Lord in spite of many trials.  We do our best together to plant and to water, and God gives the increase according to His will (1 Cor.  3:6). 
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August 28

Halbrook Philippine Report August 21-27, 2014

August 27, 2014th Year of Our Lord

Dear family, brethren, and friends,

This report is being written as I begin the last seven days of this trip. Rosalito Nardo helped invite a number of his contacts among liberal institutional preachers for two days of study on these issues August 21-22. Plans were made to gather 50 men in a hotel function room in General Santos City, but over 120 people showed up the first day. Forty are from the liberals. Newly baptized denominational “pastors” as well as prospects heard about it and wanted to hear the lessons, including an American from St. Louis, MO who works over here and does some preaching among denominations and independent groups. He has been in the Philippines for seven years and was befriended by Filipino brethren who invited him to attend.

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August 21

Halbrook Philippine Report August 18-20, 2014

August 20, 2014th Year of Our Lord

Dear family, brethren, and friends,

The schedule for Monday, August 18, brought us to a congregaton in Lanton, General Santos City for an all-day gospel meeting with Jerry Julom. About 40 attended as I presented lessons on “God Created All Things,” “The Purpose of Our Lives,” “The Gospel Makes Us Right With God,” and “Marriage: God’s Gift to Man & Woman.” After Paul Nario was baptized yesterday, he immediately started teaching his children who are in the ir late teens and early 20’s. Two of them joined our meeting today and they responded to the gospel call! Heaven rejoices again!

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August 18

Halbrook Philippine Report August 17, 2014 (Lord’s Day)

August 17,
2014th Year of Our Lord

family, brethren, and friends,

On the
Lord’s Day Jack Jaco and I were blessed to worship with the saints of the Lanton
church of Christ in General Santos City where Jolly Julom has been
preaching for many years. My first sermon was “The Patience of God”
followed by “When Saints Assemble Christ Is With Us.” About 40

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August 16

Halbrook Philippine Report August 11-15, 2014

August 15, 2014th Year of Our Lord

Dear family, brethren, and friends,

Thanks to your prayers and God’s good
providence, the trip continues to go well here in the Philippines. I am writing
this report from Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur. On August 11 (Monday)
Jonathan Carino, Jack Jaco, and I flew from Cebu City to Pagadian
City. Rody Gumpad had arrived earlier in the day, and as a bonus Tessie
is with him. This week will be devoted to teaching classes on The Home and
Family Life at the Bogo church of Christ here in Pagadian City. Ramon Carino
has preached for these saints for many years but this is their new

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August 11

Halbrook Philippine Report August 7-10, 2014

August 10, 2014th Year of Our Lord

Dear family, brethren, and friends,

Greetings to one and all from the Philippines where the cause of Christ is growing and expanding daily! Filipino brethren
often say much of this growth is made possible because of the prayers and
support of brethren in the U.S. Our financial resources as well as our visits
make it possible for them to travel and open doors for gospel preaching. They simply
cannot reach many of these places without our help. For all of this help they
are eternally grateful. May God use them and us to His glory!

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August 10

Halbrook Philippine Report July 29-August 6, 2014

August 6, 2014th Year of Our Lord

Dear family, brethren, and friends,

I left home on Tuesday, July 29, and by God’s grace the flights from
Louisville to Manila went well. The effects of a distant typhoon created some
bumpy stretches during the last four hours from Japan into Manila but not
severe. The typhoon which had already passed the Philippines continued dumping
rain on Manila the first few days here, with the promise of another one on the
way. This is typhoon season and an average of 20 typhoons hit the Philippines

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